Speaker Series: Edmund Stark

Wed., Feb. 8 - 3:30pm

Development of a Better Carrier for Organic Acids as Miticides for Varroa Control

Edmund Stark, PhD, research assistant professor at the MSU St. Andrews STEM Center in Midland, Mich., will present his latest research on miticides to combat varroa mites in honey bee populations.

About Edmund Stark

Edmund Stark is currently researching the synthesis, capping, and testing of the formic-acid-releasing polymer systems that form the basis for this presentation. He is also responsible for oxazoline polymerizations and polyimine synthesis, and participates in STEM outreach events.

Prior to MSU, Stark was a senior research associate at the Michigan Molecular Institute, where he was most recently responsible for research and development of novel functionalized polycaprolactone ionomers and kg-scale quantities of unique end-capped hyperbranched polycarbosiloxane polymers. His polymerization experience at MMI includes polycarbosiloxane, polycarbosilane, and POSS-based polymerizations and formulations directed toward adhesives and coatings for space solar cells. He was also responsible for polybenzimidazole polymerizations and the synthesis and characterization of POSS-based polymerization additives, all directed toward improving membrane conductivity in fuel cells.  

He has 18 years of prior experience in monomer and polymer synthesis, characterization, and formulation for thin film polymer coatings in the electronics industry at the Dow Chemical Company. His past roles include plant support for a multi-step monomer synthesis and polymerization plant, development of toughened and aqueous-developable versions of existing polymers, and process development and scale-up of light-emitting polymers and their monomers.

He has also performed synthesis and research of polycarbonate-polybutadiene copolymer systems, imide-epoxy resins, and styrene-acrylonitrile trimers, and isoxazole synthesis. He has numerous publications and patents in these areas.

Stark has been an adjunct professor of chemistry at several universities, teaching introductory chemistry and organic chemistry lab.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 3:30pm